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References Category:1948 births Category:French musicians Category:Living people Category:People from ParisEvaluation of radiologic carotid artery stenosis by use of the British Association of Stroke Physicians' criteria. The diagnosis of extracranial carotid artery stenosis is increasingly being made based on noninvasive imaging methods. The purpose of this study was to determine the sensitivity and specificity of the BASP guidelines in classifying carotid stenosis on the basis of patient symptoms and examination. This retrospective study was performed at a tertiary referral center with a university-affiliated teaching hospital. Patients included in this study underwent carotid duplex ultrasonography and magnetic resonance angiography or computed tomography angiography of the neck. The stenosis grades of the internal carotid artery were calculated using BASP guidelines. Statistical analysis was performed with the use of SPSS version 13.0 for Windows (SPSS, Chicago, IL). One hundred fifty-five patients were included in the study; 116 patients (75%) had a stenosis of 50% or more based on duplex ultrasonography and 62 (40%) based on magnetic resonance angiography or computed tomography angiography. The concordance rates between the 2 methods were 65% (p Description FINDING A FLOATER CAN BE COMPLICATED! NEW AND BETTER EYE LEVELS, MORE LEVELS AND FIND YOUR FLOATER WITH THE NEW EYE! By recognizing where you want to go and then recognizing your existing sight to get there, we help you to find a place that is truly your place. All visual searches, including visual queries, travel, navigation and wayfinding are only possible in what we call "scanpath mode". This is a new way of scanning the scene and taking in only what you need. It's a completely different way of scanning the world and it can help you reach your destination faster!




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